More About Elizabeth

Besides rave reviews for spaces and environments I've designed, one of the best compliments I get from the people I work for is that I'm always easy to reach. And why shouldn't I be? When working together, I want you to think of me as a partner. If you have a thought or an idea, I want to hear it – whether it's through a quick email or phone call. And thanks to my iPhone and iPad I can often send back a sketch or even a picture of what we've just talked about to get your approval (and raise your excitement level). It's this kind of working relationship that excites me – and it's the kind that I'm always so grateful for.

Along with all of these modern conveniences, you'll find I'm a tried and true designer – with modern twists that benefit you. Yes, I still hand sketch. I use AutoCAD. I use Sketch Up. I work weekends. I work nights. I Twitter. In other words, I use whatever tools I can to help you visualize what the outcome is going to be every step of the way. I can even put together full-blown presentations of your space that can be digitally transmitted so that if you happen to be in Europe for a meeting, no problem; or if you want to take your designs with you, you can. But at the end day I still have my trusty black notebook that contains all of my handwritten notes from the last few months – so no detail is ever lost in cyberspace.

It's because I offer extremely personalized service, that I'm a very driven and committed person. I love getting opportunities to create a lighting scheme that transforms a room or a whole living space – or to move walls in order to open an area up to the kind of flow you want it to have. I want to help you select everything from backsplashes, your sofas, your baby's new crib or child's new bed. I even want to help you find the perfect toilet (trust me – I have great resources).

But the additional benefits I bring my clientele doesn't end there, you may even consider it a Concierge Service of sorts. If you need the perfect gift, I can find it for you quickly. If you need a landscaper, I can recommend an excellent one. If you need a housekeeper, I know some great ones. Whether you need a party planner, caterer, florist, photographer or stylist, I can make the connection. Think of me as your life's concierge. Whatever life throws at you, I'm here to find a solution. Because to my clients; I love not only being their designer, but also a trusted life-stylist and even a friend. After all, making a decision to work with a designer (or life-stylist) comes down to finding a resource you not only feel comfortable with, but that you also connect with. I want to be in your life for a long time to come and I want to be someone who makes your life easier.

So whether you're seeking full service design or just a color consultation for your living room, I am your one stop resource. And yes, I do work with a staff– but when it comes down to the actual designing, you can count on me being the designer for your project (not to mention the would-be therapist you can reach morning, noon and night).

I can be reached by emailing or by calling 323.656.5660. I look forward to hearing from – and hopefully working with – you.


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