Meet Elizabeth

The Who, What and Why of Elizabeth Knapp

When I recently asked a friend 'How would you describe what I do for a living,' she looked at me and laughed – and then followed up with, "What don't you do, Elizabeth?" And I have to admit, she has a good point.

While I have over 15 years of experience as an interior designer, as I have evolved, so has my business and even my clients. Thus, I'm proud to draw from my strong foundation in both residential and commercial design. Along with recently being named one of the country's Top 18 Boutique Designers by Boutique Design Magazine, I'm NCIDQ certified, a professional member of American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and received my BS in Interior Design from FIDER-accredited Colorado State University.

These days, I find that decorating and design are as much about individual lifestyle as they are about making over a room, a home, a hotel suite or even an entire business space. I love getting to know the people I work for intimately – because in the end, what I create will be an extension of not just them, but also their lifestyles. And this goes far beyond finding the perfect fabric swatch or hard-to-locate piece of furniture. (Although I still do that and I love when I get to.)

Because I have worked on everything from ultra-contemporary beachside hotels to mid-century modern clubs to understated country retreats, eclectic apartments and even a dude ranch, I have a very strong working knowledge of what it takes to create styles that speak to individual taste – be it for a residential or commercial property. Whatever you can imagine (even if you can't totally describe it), I can happily bring to fruition. It's all about originality and creating a space, a home or an ambiance that says everything you want to say about yourself (or your business).

The last thing I'd ever want is for someone to walk into a finished space and remark that, "This looks like page 24 of a catalog I just got in the mail." My approach is all about getting to know you, your needs, your goals – and then bringing them all to fruition.

Simply put, when I'm asked 'What my design style is,' my answer is 'Yours.

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