Contractor/Architect Resources

How can contractors and/or architects benefit from my services?

Think of me as a fellow contractor – only in this case of aesthetics for space. I can be a huge asset to any construction or renovation project. The combination of talents between a contractor and/or architect and myself can produce spectacular and timely results. In addition, I can manage the entire process, whether it involves space planning, lighting design, purchasing, ordering, selecting finishes or monitoring the construction and installation of the project elements.

I draw upon many disciplines for contractors or architects to enhance the function, safety and aesthetics of interior spaces. My main concerns are with how different colors, textures, furniture, lighting and space work together to meet the needs of a building's occupants. Smart design can leave your clients feeling even more satisfied – which leads to increased profits, a more relaxed work environment and an increased overall market value.

What is my work process?

Whatever space needs work, the process is the same. The first step, known as programming, is to determine the client's needs and wishes. I usually meet face-to-face
 with a client to find out how the space will be used in order to get an idea of the client's preferences and budget.

For example, I might inquire about a family's cooking habits if the family is remodeling a kitchen or ask about a store or restaurant's target customer in order to pick an appropriate motif or to determine what building materials will fit within their budget and design style. Then, I'll formulate a design plan and estimate costs. I will also visit the space to take inventory of existing furniture and equipment and identify positive attributes of the space as well as potential problems. When the design concept is decided upon, I begin specifying the materials, finishes and furnishings required – including flooring, cabinets, plumbing, appliances, paint, furniture, lighting, wall coverings and artwork.

Finally, I develop a timeline for the project, coordinate contractor work schedules and make sure the work is completed on time. I also oversee the installation of design elements and, after the project is complete, I visit the building site with the client to ensure satisfaction. If the client is not satisfied, I make necessary changes.

What are the potential costs involved?

Cost is always calculated based on the services you or your clients require. There are many variables including the size 
of the project (for example: one room vs. a whole house), the quality of products selected (for example: custom vs. prefabricated cabinets) and the timeframe during which the project needs to be completed by (for example: two weeks vs. two months).

Fees can also be broken out on a per project basis as follows:

• Fixed – or flat – fee

I'll identify a specific sum to cover costs (exclusive of reimbursement for expenses). One total fee applies to the complete range of services – from conceptual development through layouts, specifications and final installation.

• Hourly fee

Compensation is based on actual time spent on a project or specific service.

• Cost-plus

I'll purchase materials, furnishings and services (for example: carpentry, drapery workrooms, picture framing, etc.) and sell them to the client at my cost plus a specified percentage agreed upon with the client to compensate for my time and work.

• Hourly fee + cost-plus

I'll charge by the hour for meetings with the client, time preparing specifications and budgeting, but handle the purchase of goods on a cost-plus basis.

To find out more about how my services can specifically benefit your projects, email me at or call 323.656.5660. I sincerely look forward to hearing from – and, hopefully working with – you.